Best of the new cryptocurrencies to consider buying in 2022

Best of the new cryptocurrencies to consider buying in 2022

The popularity of cryptocurrencies continues rising day by day, with more projects created by enthusiasts and more people ready to get involved. Nowadays almost everyone knows about Bitcoin or Ethereum, blockchains and tokens, considering them as the part of routine. But, while classic options remain being picked up, it is much more worth to pay some attention to emerging currencies that were released not so long ago. With their innovative solutions and established reputation, they may become a good option for investments with long-term perspectives.

Which newly released cryptocurrencies should be paid attention to

Among different opinions, it is quite hard to pick only one worthy candidate for buying, especially when many developers try to keep up with the latest trends on being effective, affordable enough and environmentally friendly. So, it is recommended to consider such options:

  • Avalanche – designed with unique architecture, the cryptocurrency is capable of overpowering Ethereum blockchain, generally known as the golden standard, as its custom network is able to handle around six and a half thousand transactions per second with included three types of blockchains – C-chain, P-chain and X-chain.
  • Decentraland – oriented on content creators and businesses with ample opportunities, the cryptocurrency also offers original concept of supporting two types of currency within, known as MANA and LAND, and establishing virtual reality platform running on the same blockchain powered by Ethereum.
  • Kasta – emerged popularity of this cryptocurrency came from normalizing the instant transactions with no fees activated simply by scanning the QR-code, quickly and conveniently for every user, which is an effective way of promoting benefits of crypto even to those who know little about its specifics.
  • King Cardano – based on principles of loyalty and close interaction with user, it offers the highest paying yield, opportunity to gain more from HODL tactics and ability to receive certain percentage back from every transaction.
  • LuckyBlock – aimed at gaming industry with objectives set on developing fairness protection, this cryptocurrency gained a lot of popularity and reached the cap of a billion US dollars with 40 thousand investors that entrusted their funds to it.

There are even more tokens worth of showing in such lists, as they hold the advantages important for different spheres of interests involved into cryptoindustry, gathering common users together with businesses. So, there is no ranking and should not be one – each cryptocurrency gives the user a choice, and that is one of the foundations of cryptoindustry, allowing for everyone to search for their own perfect decision, meeting all of the requirements. Some thrive for security and search for maximum protection of transactions, some need convenience and high performance, and some want it to bring not only assets, but fun and additional services included, too.

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