How to invest in cryptocurrency DBX?

How to invest in cryptocurrency DBX?
Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market is very diverse and attractive to many people. Almost everyone can make investments in cryptocurrency and earn huge amounts of money from it. Certainly, this type of investment carries certain risks, such as volatility or tightening of the control of cryptocurrency by the government authorities. However, there are now many types of coins that you can invest in, as the developers are constantly improving them to save users from volatility in the cryptocurrency and make their coins as safe as possible from hacks. One of the best digital coins for investment is the DBX token. The team of this project has significantly improved the coin and made it safer and more reliable for users. All this is due to the fact that the DBX token is based on two blockchains: Quark and ERC-20. Thus, the developers of the project provided their clients with secure use of the DBX token, including different ways of investing in it.

Several best ways to invest in token DBX

Firstly, it is necessary to choose the preferable way to invest your funds in the DBX token. There are the most popular types of investments in this project:


If you want to invest in a DBX token, then the “Crowdsale” is one of the best options of investments that allows everyone to take part in the development of the cryptocurrency market for individuals and contribute. Of course, purchasing the “DBX” token protects and multiplies your savings.

“Crowdsale” is considered a promising and favorable type of investing in digital assets. Moreover, this kind of investing is an innovative and transparent way of making money and can also bring investors a passive income. Every investor who decides to invest in order to generate income may choose the most suitable tool for work on the platform based on their own preferences in terms of income, risks, involvement in the process management.

Under the terms of the “Crowdsale”, the total number of issued tokens “DBX” is 17,600,001,071 coins. Some of these coins will be redistributed to the masternode with a monthly distribution of 3% to each user. The distribution of coins will depend on the fund balance in the wallets.

Besides, the "DBX" ecosystem allows users to receive rewards for trusting a digital asset. The system with its own decentralized blockchain will distribute the reward to its users. DBX team is going to use 1,760,000,000 tokens for conducting the IEO. It is worth noting that the platform plans to restrict free sales tokens within 93 days after IEO to reduce investors’ risks.

Referral program

The DBX project provides its users with such a type of earnings as a referral program. All users need to do is distribute the project link. These actions will allow rewarding bonuses to the user's wallet as a percentage of the income in the system received from the sale of tokens to the investor.

Users will receive their income from each new client's payment attracted by their referral link. These incomes will amount to 3% of each transaction. At the same time, the investors will not lose discounts on presale packages for “Crowdsale”.

The referral loyalty program will work for “Digital Fund” and will amount to 2% of the investor's net income for portfolio investments. The same rules will act on assets invested in venture projects.

The platform can change the referral program terms at any time for the following reasons: changes in market conditions, the risk of scams, or any other factors that influence the business.


“DBX” platform is considered unique and attracts the investors’ attention because it provides their clients with different solutions that don't have an alternative. One of the main advantages of the DBX platform is that it allows receiving tokens absolutely free.

If you want to get these free coins, you should track the "Airdrop" with a free distribution from "DBX". The company will distribute the free coins for active users of the community after the special release.

The main condition to get "DBX" tokens in the amount of $50 is to register five users in “DBX” channels in social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Chat Telegram, Chanel Telegram.



The DBX system operates through masternodes, which are powerful servers backed up by proof of collateral in the DBX coin ecosystem. These network nodes were created to support the mechanism blockchain, as well as additional services.

A copy of the DBX blockchain and the users' accounts on the blockchain are stored in Masternode. Also, Masternode provides services of a unique second level.

In the “DBX” network, masternodes must be backed up with confirmation in the coins of the “DBX” ecosystem. This provides guarantees the operating of the whole system, for which masternode holders get rewards regularly. “DBX” gives more than 45% of the total asset capitalization to masternodes. This fact is considered very attractive for investors.

There are several basic requirements to run a masternode in the “DBX” network:

  • Locking 500 “DBX” that is secured by collateral and cannot be spent without interrupting the masternode.
  • The actual server that is running the software of the “DBX” masternode.


Mining is one of the most famous ways to mine coins. But this method is considered quite expensive because it requires special equipment and consumes a lot of electricity. Bitcoin for mining uses consensus “Proof of Work”, which relies on the network’s processing power for hashing, which greatly increases the network power consumption for cryptographic tasks. Unlike Bitcoin, “DBX” uses the principle of consensus “Proof-of-Stake” (PoS) for mining, which doesn't consume a lot of electricity, and does not require such expensive equipment. Thus, the team provides more favorable conditions for mining.



The DBX team provides its users with various profitable solutions for investing in their cryptocurrency. Moreover, the team made their product environmentally friendly, provided users with safe transactions, and protected their currency from hacking. Therefore, DBX tokens are now in great demand and attract a huge number of investors.

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