New cryptocurrencies of 2021

New cryptocurrencies of 2021
In the cryptocurrency industry, new assets are constantly emerging that have great growth potential. In order to find the best option for investment, it is necessary to constantly monitor the market, where you can find quite promising projects. Then it is necessary to competently analyze their prospects and key advantages.

New promising cryptocurrencies gaining popularity

In 2021, many new cryptocurrencies have been released, which are attracting the attention of investors from all over the world. You can find detailed information about cryptocurrencies in various Internet sources. Below are 11 cryptocurrencies released in 2021.


The digital ecosystem DBX has become one of the most discussed and popular cryptocurrency projects of 2021. Proprietary smart contracts, the ability to implement a blockchain system in any business, both online and offline, and the availability of several projects at once for earning (both passive and active) are the hallmarks of DBX. The token is successfully traded on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges. According to experts, it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the coming years.


Today the value of the cryptocurrency MATIC is $1.62. It is a subsidiary of the Ethereum blockchain. The main goal is to maximize the speed of the smart contract and decentralized application. Previously, the currency had the name MATIC Network, after which it was rebranded in 2021 and became a completely new cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency has two main advantages:

  • customer can deploy the blockchain in one click;
  • the currency supports modularity. This feature allowed a separate blockchain to become both compatible and independent with Ethereum.

MATIC tokens can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. A sidechain is an independent platform that can interact with major blockchains and secure transactions.
The cryptocurrency has already proven its effectiveness and can be used in three ways:

  • making profit by storing tokens in the wallet;
  • payment for transactions in the Polygon network;
  • settlement operations between users.

Today, many companies use cryptocurrency to make payments.


Today, the value of the cryptocurrency MINA is $3.16. The cryptocurrency was the first to use a compressed blockchain, which is the main distinguishing feature from other currencies. The volume of the blockchain is only 22 kb. Traditional networks are heavyweight, so the developers made this decision. The problem of a large chain volume was solved by using the recursive proof technology SNARK, which is used to verify transactions. The developers managed to get rid of the need to verify the transaction. The user needs to have a snapshot of the blockchain to conduct the transaction. This approach significantly reduced the weight of the network.
MINA cryptocurrency is used to generate a new block. The transaction process involves the purchase of MINA coins, which allows new blocks to be added to the system. The coin is considered inflationary. The number of coins in circulation since its inception has been 12%. In 2022, the developers plan to reduce the turnover to 7%.



The value of the CLV is $1.53. The currency was launched as crosschain security for the DeFi ecosystem. The internal CLV token can be used in the Clover blockchain and the Polkadot ecosystem. Innovative technologies allow users to connect to multiple blockchains simultaneously. It is possible to synchronize multiple decentralized applications.
Today, the company-developer actively cooperates with many major partners.


The current value is $8.50. The creation of cryptocurrency allowed to open a new generation of financial product. The software solution combines the best qualities of centralized and decentralized systems.

Cryptocurrency can be used to tokenize real oil or gold assets. The system allows to lend tokens. Tokenization of real assets involves creating a digital image of them in a blockchain, which solves two problems:

  • reduce transaction costs by eliminating the involvement of intermediaries in the transaction;
  • provide an easy and convenient trading process.

Today, many large venture capital funds cooperate with the project.


The cryptocurrency was founded in 2021. Its value today is $23.51. The currency showed one of the fastest growth rates of the new currency. Early investors were able to exceed the 32500% mark. Bitcoin, for example, took several years to achieve such results.
The developers were able to maximize blockchain throughput by dealing with the roles of network participants.
Large companies are already using FLOW to solve various financial problems.


The current value is $1.53. The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. After its release, the token could only be obtained by completing a certain number of tasks and downloading a special application. Today, token holders are able to participate in various events, such as voting to add new DApps. Many cryptocurrency services and centralized exchanges are already cooperating with the developer today.


The current value is $263.44. The developers have an innovative approach to the mining process. The client does not need to buy expensive video cards or ASICs to mine cryptocurrencies. The process of work is done through the use of free space on the hard drive. This approach to mining has spared customers from large electricity bills and the need to buy expensive equipment. The process of mining cryptocurrency will be called plotting.
Cryptocurrency quickly gained popularity around the world, leading to an increase in the price of hard drives. However, the complexity of the cryptocurrency network grows to 7%.


The developers aimed to optimize the usual software for smart contacts. After the start of the project, the developers set a course for the development of an autonomous decentralized computing platform. The cryptocurrency became one of the most successful projects of 2021. Token price rose by 2000%



Cryptocurrency is an open-source smart contact platform. It is focused on the deployment of a decentralized application. A sharding method is used to improve scalability. The new token is used by users to cover transaction and application deployment costs.

The developers set out to create a platform that is convenient for both developers and customers. In addition to cryptographic wallet addresses, an easy-to-read name was used. New users are able to interact with DApps contracts without starting a wallet.


Today it is considered a leader among the new decentralized exchanges. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency is considered one of the most frequently copied protocols in the cryptospace, the currency reliably holds its leading position. Just the other day, the third version of the protocol was launched, which touched the aspects of concentrated liquidity, capital efficiency and range orders. The innovations allowed the cryptocurrency to compete with other automated market makers. The developers expect that the new services will be able to simplify the work of new liquidity providers.

What to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency for investment

The cryptocurrency market is quite young, but it already attracts the attention of major investors from all over the world. When analyzing a particular cryptocurrency for investment, it is necessary to take into account the main features that are characteristic of any market:

  • the number of coins for sale. If a coin issue is stopped or suspended, there will be fewer tokens available for sale on the market. This indicates that the value of the coin will rise. It is important to consider the function for which the coin is intended. This could be transportation, the labor market, or education. Separate new projects are being developed to support existing blockchain systems;
  • hype and news background. Often the value of a coin depends on the hype surrounding it. A few social media posts from a famous person can lower or raise the value of a coin. After a positive statement of Ilon Musk about the Dogecoin coin, its value increased by 7000%.However, such growth in value has no long-term perspective;
  • useful functionality. After the release of a new cryptocurrency, its developers arrange a presentation, where they talk in colors about its benefits and growth forecasts. It is not always necessary to trust only statements of developers, but to use additional sources of information.

Experts believe that cryptocurrency, which is beneficial to the outside world, has a huge chance of growth in 2022.
It is only possible to predict the growth of a particular cryptocurrency with a low probability level. To begin with, it is necessary to assess all objective factors, then study the opinions of experts and experienced traders. Often, new cryptocurrencies that are cheap are chosen for investment. It sometimes takes a very long time to wait for the value to grow. It is not recommended to invest large sums. If the cryptocurrency fails, the investor's losses will be minimal.

Where to buy coins. Popular sites.


Today on the Internet you can find a large number of sites where you can buy cryptocurrency. You can buy tokens from online exchanges. Here, the purchase process is much easier compared to exchanges - there is no need for verification, there is no need to deposit money in advance. In exchanges, the commission is always higher, so the rate of cryptocurrency is not always profitable for the client.


Verification of identity on the exchange is made for the safety of customers. There is no need to use unknown exchangers. Otherwise, you can stay without your money. It is best to use popular cryptocurrency exchanges that have earned the trust of users.

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