Easiest ways to purchase DBX token

Easiest ways to purchase DBX token

Two easiest ways to purchase DBX token

There are several ways to purchase the DBX token. The most common is purchasing via centralized exchanges (CEX).

At this moment the DBX token is listed in pair with USDT at Uniswap, ProBit Global, LBank, BitMart, BitForex, LATOKEN, Coinsbit, WhiteBIT. You can also trade it in BTC pair at the BitForex exchange. But first, you need to register, pass the KYC procedure and then purchase the asset. Also, please note that storing assets on exchange wallets means you use the platform as a middleman and trust them with your funds.

Can you purchase and store the DBX token without exchange services? Of course. Next, we will tell you about the two simplest methods to manage assets independently and store them in secure wallets.

Method #1 - Bang App

You can download the Bang app on Google Play and AppStore. The Bang app is a crypto bang and a multicurrency wallet in your smartphone, created by the team of  DBX Digital Ecosystem. After installing and launching the app you will see the main screen with your balance, and here you can purchase the DBX token:

To purchase DBX tap  «Buy DBX»

In the next window, the app will offer you a pre-set amount in US dollars or you can enter any amount in a dedicated field.

After clicking the “Next” button the app will ask you to choose a payment method: Apple Pay, Visa, or Mastercard.

In the next step, you need to specify the details of your card, and after you tap the “Pay” button, your money will be transferred from the bank and the balance of the DBX wallet will increase by the number of purchased coins.

Method #2 – MetaMask wallet

The Metamask wallet is convenient because it supports a huge number of ERC20 assets and is used for fast payments and transfers of Ethereum as well as tokens based on its blockchain. The most unique feature of this wallet is that not only can you download it from Google Play or AppStore, but also install a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave. This way every user can make cryptocurrency transfers directly from their web browser, which is very convenient. 

Let’s see how to install the Metamask wallet extension for Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers.

Follow the link to the Chrome Web Store, click “Add to Chrome”. After the installation is complete, you will see the Metamask icon in the upper right corner of a browser window. Click in and accept the User Agreement. Next, you need to create an 8-character password and save the seed phrase. This is a phrase of 12 randomly generated words in a particular sequence – this is the only way to restore the Metamask account in case you forget the password. That is why make sure to keep it in a safe place, preferably on another device. Now you can start working with the wallet.

To replenish the wallet with ether, click the “Buy” button and choose one of the payment services to complete the purchase with your bank card.

After your ETH wallet is replenished, proceed to the purchase of the DBX token.

Choose “DBX” in the “Swap to” field and enter the amount of ether you want to use for the token investment in the “Swap from” field.

After the transaction is completed, you will see a DBX wallet will appear in the Metamask with a positive balance for the number of purchased tokens.


As you see, purchasing DBX via autonomous cold wallets is fast, takes just a couple of clicks, and a lot less time than via exchanges. At the same time, all cryptocurrencies remain on your wallets, and transactions are carried out without intermediaries through decentralized exchanges (DEX) or cross-chain bridges.

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