It’s easier to buy a DBX

It’s easier to buy a DBX

????We have flash news: it’s now even easier to buy a DBX. No more extra wallets, Metamask and other hassles. Easier to use: no tethering to one exchange. More availability, much simpler to use.

⭐️We started trading on Pancakeswap, congratulations to all of us. This is a decentralized exchange where transactions are exchanged using deterministic smart contracts.

????Security for both participants is provided by smart contracts - they cannot be cancelled.
Why would you be attracted to it?

????Anonymity, the decentralized exchange has no access to personal data, only a wallet number. It in turn is not tied to anything, only the owner of the key (Secret Recovery Phrase) has access to it.

????We welcome you to buy a DBX token at

????Use the key:
0x67dcAa9468c219ad81F5825EF0c8f58879c657dd to add the coin to the swap❕



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