New blockchain from DBX Digital Ecosystem

New blockchain from DBX Digital Ecosystem
DBX Smart Network For all of those who were waiting this news for a long time, we are delighted to announce the official launch of DBX Smart Network blockchain! Thanks to it, the platform’s performance will keep supporting its reputation of the safest system with quickest data delivery per block.

We are ready to set a new standard of transaction duration – you will have to wait for no more than a 1 second for data to be transferred through blockchains and you to be getting the income for operation performance. At the same time, the scheme of connection through the bridge <DBX> <ETH> <BSC> will ensure the information protection, allowing to keep the confidentiality of participants involved and at the same time keeping the logs of change in different parts of chain, avoiding the possibility of interference with the aim of fraudulent. Checking the benefits of our blockchain is simple: add our network on Metamask right now and check out the set of features yourself.

DBX Mainnet


Network name: DBX Mainnet
Chain ID: 5348
Currency symbol: DBX
Block explorer url:

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