Overview of the Margin trading bot. Part 3. Trade.

Overview of the Margin trading bot. Part 3. Trade.
DBX digital ecosystem is one of the fastest growing and most promising projects of 2021. The company’s token is traded on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. And today we will talk about how to properly trade in dbx/usdt pair, using for this purpose, one of the most popular trading bots – Margin. In this article we will consider all the key functions of Margin trading bot, mechanisms and features of its work. If you are not interested in the whole functionality, but only in a certain button – we recommend to contact the Margin Help Center.


The trading functionality of Shrimpy is diverse and easy to use. Both beginners and experienced traders will be able to execute orders here.

How to place a market order?

All you have to do is enter the amount you are placing to trade. There is no need to adjust any settings.


Limit order

A limit order is different from a market order in that it requires an exact amount and price of the order.

Trading pairs

Shrimpy has a complete list of trading pairs. It can be found in the "Trading" tab, in the left corner of the top menu.


At the bottom of the Trading section, you will see the asset balance of each of your portfolios.


Open orders

At the bottom of the "Trading" tab, next to the "Balances" item, there are "Open Orders". It reflects all active orders left on the exchange. Unexecuted orders you can always cancel at your discretion, or place a new order.

Order history

The order history is located next to the "Open Orders" tab and shows all the orders you have placed on Shrimpy.


Trade history

The last tab shows the history of each deal in all its details - "Trade History".






Portfolio selector

The "Trade" tab allows you to switch between portfolios. In the right-hand menu you can easily switch between them.

Filter "for this portfolio only"

The function of data filtering and selection of information on one particular portfolio on the charts is available if you select the portfolio of interest on the left side of the top menu.

Filter "dbx/usdt only"

Just like in the previous function, you can get information on a particular trading pair. To do this, click on the button with the name of the trading pair of interest.

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