Overview of the Margin trading bot. Part 4.

Overview of the Margin trading bot. Part 4.
DBX digital ecosystem is one of the fastest growing and most promising projects of 2021. The company’s token is traded on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. And today we will talk about how to properly trade in dbx/usdt pair, using for this purpose, one of the most popular trading bots – Margin. In this article we will consider all the key functions of Margin trading bot, mechanisms and features of its work. If you are not interested in the whole functionality, but only in a certain button – we recommend to contact the Margin Help Center.

Social opportunities

The platform provides opportunities for traders to communicate, share experiences and strategies.

  • Selected Leaders. This section features traders who attract and train newcomers, running a professional profile on Shrimpy.
  • Table of Leaders. The "Social" section provides a table of current leaders who can share tips, their strategies, and have a group chat and community.
  • Sorting Leaders. Leaders are also calculated by time intervals – a day, a week, a month. The sorting is also conducted on the basis of the number of traders who share the leader's strategy.
  • The search for a leader. On the left side of the top menu of the leaderboard, you can find a specific leader. To do this, simply enter his or her nickname in Shrimpy.
  • How do you become a leader? You can become a leader on this platform without too much effort or expense. By signing up for an exchange account, you can easily become a leader and earn money for each subscriber.
  • Leader's Name. It is recommended to use the names of professional leaders. You cannot change the name later. If certain wording is not used in a leader's name, Shrimpy may remove you.
  • Description. To be more credible, and thus quickly gain a large following, be thorough in describing your professional skills. Emphasize your skills and experience in the field.
  • Leader's earnings. The leader can get his earnings by using the PayPal e-wallet. To do this, you need to link your account in the payment system to your profile on the exchange through the tab "Payment".

Leader's Profile

With a leader profile, followers gain access to other traders on the platform, learn about other people's strategies, follow the leader and participate in his community.



  • Profile's photo. It is recommended that each leader uploads a photo of themselves to their profile, only the communication with the subscriber will be more trustworthy.
  • Engagement Assessment. In the menu you can see the engagement score of the leader. A higher score means that the leader mainly communicates with subscribers and shares tips, rather than promoting his positions on the exchange.
  • Chat participation. To join a leader's chat, click on the appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the leader's profile. Whether you follow the leader's strategy or not, you can chat with the leader and other traders.
  • "Chosen" leader. If you want to mark any leader, you can mark them with an "asterisk" at the top of the profile. Then you will automatically join the chat and get quick access to the profile through the top leaders table.
  • Exchange of leader's profile. Next to the ''asterisk'' icon, there is a function that allows you to copy the link to the leader's profile. You can share it on social networks.
  • Journal ''The Leader''. In the "Journal" section, leaders share their views on the market, make forecasts and give new trading ideas. These materials will be available only for subscribers of a particular leader.
  • Comments. Despite the fact that only the leader can fill out the journal, there is a special section for posting comments. This promotes a direct dialogue between readers and leaders and the exchange of experiences on the platform.
  • The Leader's history. In the "Leader's history" section, you will see all the actions taken by the leader during his work on the exchange, and changes in his strategy.
  • Follow the leader's strategy. By clicking on the "Subscribe to Leader" button, you will automatically join his strategy. In addition, when his portfolio is updated, yours will also change without any intervention from you. You can assign different portfolios to different leaders and follow several strategies at the same time.
  • Metric of effectivity. You can assess the performance of the portfolio in the leader profile using the charts provided. The graph reflects the change in the value of the portfolio over a period of 1 day to 3 months. It can also show the number of portfolios showing better and worse performance compared to it. For example, if it is indicated that the portfolio outperforms 20% of the portfolios, then the other 80% are outperforming it.
  • Portfolio allocation. These are the assets that the leader owns. Targeted allocations, however, are not counted. If you follow the leader's strategy, your exact allocations will be copied from the leader's position.


In this tab, you can see the stages of development of your profile, the history of operations and changes in strategies.

  • Rebalancing of transactions. The trades made during rebalancing will be reflected in the history. If you click on the name of the asset, you will see all the specific transactions made with it.
  • Automation updates. The history will include rebalancing, its duration, and changes in strategy.
  • Currency Filter. Enter the name of the currency of interest into the search box, and then you will see the history of all transactions with this asset.
  • Trades Breakdown. By clicking on a specific item in the rebalancing history, you will get a list of all trades made during this rebalancing.


This function allows you to test how this or that strategy works, to evaluate its practical applicability.

  • Assets' selection. Under "Assets' Selection," choose which assets you need to implement your strategy. Then make sure that the distribution is 100% and that each asset is automated.
  • Backtest configuration. The left pane will give you access to the backtest settings.
  • Trade Commission. It will allow you to calculate the amount you need to collect for each specific transaction made in the backtest.
  • Rebalancing Period. Bringing the portfolio in line with target allocations will determine the frequency of rebalancing. It varies from one day to one year.
  • Rebalancing threshold. It reflects the threshold at which the portfolio must be rebalanced and aligned with target allocations.
  • Commissions' optimization. The feature will help you determine how your profile will perform when you turn "Fees' Optimization" mode on and off.
  • Parameters. The general settings reflect the basic functionality of Margin.
  • Email. You can always change the email to which your account is linked. To do this, in the "Settings" section, click on the "Email" field.
  • Name for the chat room. This is your name that is displayed when you interact with other traders in chats. It may include your nickname, or it may be anonymous.
  • Currency display. Several currencies are provided in the system. You can switch them and analyze prices and balances based on the currency.
  • Weekly summary. Every week you will receive a report on the most important changes in the market to your email.


  • A white list of IP addresses. You can restrict access to your profile from any third-party addresses other than "white" addresses that you mark yourself.
  • Two-level identification. With AKA Multi-Factor Authentication, even if your personal data is stolen, an intruder will not gain access to your account.
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