The expansion of NFT influence to Smart TVs

With the further spreading of crypto activity, no wonder that nowadays it can be regulated on more and more devices. First with standard PCs, then mobile devices, and nowadays even TVs can provide the services for crypto operations. Recently, Samsung announced that for its televisions with connected Smart TV service, the Nifty Gateway platform will be launched. That will allow the users to obtain, sell or exchange NFT.

What is NFT in general meaning

For those who do not know much about crypto notions, NFT or non-fungible token means the non-material asset which serves as certain proof of ownership. The collection of NFTs mainly includes the rights of owning the certain piece of art – music, videos or images united by the similar topic. When the one owns such token, it is a great possibility for them to invest or monetize the obtained asset. Such form of ownership proof is especially convenient in cases of establishing the right over modern digital piece of art that does not exist in material form or having multiple owners in obtaining the worldwide-known masterpiece.

The agreement of Nifty Gateway and Samsung companies

In order to make the crypto integration into routine more convenient, the Samsung company established the collaboration with Nifty Gateway platform, one of the biggest NFT markets, that provides the software for integration of non-fungible token purchases into Smart TVs as the separate application. The app will be available mainly for the latest televisions released, as the process of working with tokens and crypto environment in general requires the fair share of resources for smooth operations and interaction with blockchain.

From the statements made during announcement of collaboration, it is known that the users can gain access to the library with more than six thousand examples of artworks, including the ones from the most popular modern artists, like Daniel Arsham, Beeple, Pak and many more. The Nifty Platform is ready to take care of helping the regular users to learn more about the perspectives of crypto assets, showing the benefits of obtaining one or regulating the activity of crypto obtained. The main principle of the platform – to make the interaction with crypto more comfortable and convenient than ever, making more people join the community of NFT owners. For that reason, uniting the forces with one of the leading companies on the technological market seemed like an essential step to take, and adding the software to televisions – as the strategical move of expanding the audience involved into crypto activity. Both of the companies expressed their expectations about the collaboration in a positive way, being sure that in the nearest future the first results will be clearly visible, illustrating major results. And, most possibly, this will be a truly effective way to illustrate all the advantages given by tokens and make more people get acquainted with the benefits given by cryptoindustry to the ones entering it.