TOP 5 best airdrops of 2021

TOP 5 best airdrops of 2021
The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. Therefore, there are appeared projects which produce new tokens or coins. In order to attract the attention of users to the new cryptocurrency and make it popular, companies are distributing airdrops. Thus, people have the opportunity to get tokens absolutely free of charge by performing simple tasks. In this article, we’ll detail the five best airdrops that you should pay attention to in 2021. But first, let’s take a closer look at what an airdrop is. Airdrops are a kind of marketing strategy, the essence of which is the distribution of coins and tokens for free to new users or people who already own a certain digital currency. There are two types of airdrops: 1. Automatic is when the owners of certain cryptocurrencies receive new tokens, which appeared as a result of the hard forks of the networks. In order to become the owner of such coins, you need to have a wallet that can support new coins. 2. The incentive is a reward for completing certain tasks from the platforms that are distributing the tokens. Another way to get free coins is to have a certain amount of digital currency in your wallet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Airdrops:


⦁ It is an easy way to earn passive income.
⦁ The received coin can grow.


⦁ There is no distribution of the system of bonuses.
⦁ The possibility of that the received token can depreciate.


Best airdrops of 2021

Ecosystem "DBX"

The first place on our list is occupied by the unique innovation ecosystem “DBX,” which issues its tokens. This platform definitely deserves the attention of investors and ordinary cryptocurrency users. The “DBX” team offers very profitable solutions for using their token, which have no alternative. Ecosystem “DBX” are installed on Quark and ERC-20 blockchains, which the team of this project has improved. Quark is the most reliable algorithm. This algorithm allowed the DBX team to solve a number of problems associated with the use of cryptocurrency and helped to ensure fast transactions.

This algorithm is supported by the functionality of the Zerocoin protocol, which makes transactions safe and anonymous. As for the ERC-20 protocol, it aims to make transactions more flexible and provide users with access to a financial instrument like DeFi.

The “DBX” platform provides an opportunity to receive “DBX” tokens completely free of charge to any potential user. You just need to track when the DBX company will conduct a free distribution of airdrops for active users of its platform. In order to receive free DBX tokens in the amount of $50, you need to register five users in the “DBX” channels on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Chat Telegram, Chanel Telegram.


This mobile cryptocurrency exchange was created in order to eliminate the disadvantages that investors face when using traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the moment, the company is working on the speed and security of transactions. The main advantage of this platform is the use of multiple channels so that traders can purchase assets at an affordable price. Also, functions such as DeFi and NFT are available on the platform.

The company will select random 1000 airdrop participants who will receive ENM tokens.


X10Finance is a deflationary asset that protects against currency depreciation. Moreover, the platform provides its users with various monetary rewards.

This token has the following functions:

- Anti-dumping tax;
- Holders' rewarding;
- Burning coins with every transaction.


This platform is installed on the blockchain and is a DeFi investment pool. The DFC token allows its holders to manage the community to foster success.

For the owners of this cryptocurrency, the following advantages can be distinguished:

- DeFiScale provides discounts on projects in which it invests.
- Users can invest their funds in DFC deposits and receive higher percentage rates than from USDT.


This token underlies Binance Smart Chain. Among the most basic features of the SkyMoon token are the following:

- The presence of the function of burning.
- Safety.
- Low fees.
- Fast transactions.
- Environmental friendliness.



For users, the free distribution of tokens is one of the most attractive ways to become the owner of a cryptocurrency. As for the companies that are producing new coins, this is a way to draw users' attention to their new cryptocurrency. It is very common for companies to give out their tokens or coins after a fork. In this case, the coins are transferred to the accounts of the owners of a certain cryptocurrency. It all depends on what coins or tokens are distributed. It is possible that you need a secure wallet for ERC-20 tokens. Sometimes projects give out coins that are incompatible with ERC-20, so companies will definitely provide you with information about which wallet is needed for these purposes. It is worth noting that airdrops are not stable and don't bring large earnings. Nevertheless, this is an excellent opportunity to start your acquaintance with the world of digital currency. And it should also be in mind that the received coin can begin to grow rapidly since the platform that distributed it has gained popularity. In this case, you can get a good income. Therefore, summing it up, we can say with confidence that an airdrop is a great opportunity to obtain cryptocurrency for both beginners and experienced investors.

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