Ready-Made Solutions

DBX Smart Network

Custom blockchain DBX Smart Network. Offers advanced scalability, high performance, quick transaction confirmation time, and smart contracts with low fees. A new block is created every second – it allows credit transfers to wallets almost instantly. The best solution for asset tokenization is through the use of smart contracts and the modern PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm.

Swaport - token bridge

DBX Digital Ecosystem is building cross-chain bridges between DBX Smart Network and other blockchains. We have already launched to connect the DBX Smart Network with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Such solutions allow you to trade and exchange various assets on many trading platforms, greatly increasing the potential audience and the choice of trading pairs.

BANG multifunction crypto bank

A multifunctional wallet allows you to exchange between DBX-20 class assets, make payments, transfers, as well as venture capital investments in DBX Digital Ecosystem projects. It allows you to earn passive income by acting as a liquidity provider for pools or by receiving interest from staking, farming, or buying NFTs.


Our investment fund allows beginners and novice investors to play safe when making rash transactions on the stock exchanges, and transfer their assets to the trust management of traders with many years of experience in stock trading.

Realty Estate tokenize

DBX Digital Ecosystem provides all the necessary tools and smart contracts to tokenize any property. All conditions of acquisition and ownership are securely protected and will be stored on the DBX Smart Network blockchain without the possibility of access or modification of data by third parties or government agencies.


Stable coins are available on the DBX Digital Ecosystem platform, the rate of which will be tied to one of a fiat currency, such as the US dollar.

ATM Network

A network of ATMs around the world will allow you to withdraw money around the clock using DBX payment cards. The service scenario automatically converts cryptocurrencies into cash at the market rate in the currency of the country of stay.

Card system for tokens DBX System

Using the services of our processing center, you can issue payment cards linked to DBX-20 standard asset wallets. Cards can be of different classes - both Virtual and Contactless. With their help, you can pay in stores or withdraw cash. Card design can be made in the identity of your brand.

For whom?

Our solutions will be interesting to:


  • investors and traders;
  • crypto startups and projects planning to tokenize their assets;
  • real estate agencies of any type;
  • investment and hedge funds;
  • NFT creators;
  • gaming projects developers;
  • online stores and retailers;
  • companies planning to implement crypto salaries;
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and so on.