For business

Smart security contracts of any complexity in the DBX exosystem

Create smart security contracts of any complexity. They can digitize any physical valuables or ownership rights: shares, securities, real estate, precious metals, intellectual property, business shares, etc.

Create custom tokens

Tokenize any assets by issuing your tokens. They can be used as shares, digital money to purchase goods and services, loyalty points, or voting rights. Tokens are widely used in all trendy areas: DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, GameFI, DAO, etc.

Place smart contracts in an integrated DBX system

Digital assets created on the DBX Smart Network blockchain have free circulation in all the DBX Digital Ecosystem. Smart contracts allow an exchange of digital assets and entry of new markets with tokenized business assets to attract investments.

Communications via network Cash cards

We offer an issue of custom payment cards using our card processing. Cards can be both Virtual and Contactless. Use them to pay in any store or withdraw cash. Card design can include your brand identity.

Payment acceptance for business

Use the acquiring service to accept any payments. Accept online payments for goods and services through your website or mobile app, as well as for a large number of other service providers. We will design the payment page in your brand identity.

Integrated ATM network for users

Soon, you will have access to a network of cryptomats and ATMs in all cities where we will open our offices: Istanbul, Hong Kong, Moscow, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore, Mumbai, Johannesburg, etc.
Payment system for the exchange of assets in business (stable coins of the DBX system).
Our platform allows you to exchange a large number of assets with a high transaction speed. In moments of strong movements and market volatility, crypto-assets can be exchanged for stablecoins to minimize losses and increase profits during a trend reversal.

Proprietary investment pool for startups

DBX Digital Ecosystem will support new projects and startups that decide to tokenize assets on our platform to enter the market. The most promising and interesting projects can participate in an accelerator and get the first round of investment for further growth and promotion.

Our benefits

Own blockchain

DBX Smart Network ensures high performance, better scalability, increased security of storing business assets, increased long-term capitalization, and communication with other blockchains;

Lowest fees

One of the lowest fees for transactions and smart contract creation among assets listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGeсko;

Cross-chain bridge

We implemented dast transfers of the DBX token and DBX-20 standard assets between three DBX<->ETH<->BSC> blockchains through the cross-chain bridge between DBX Smart Network, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain;

PoA consensus

Application of the PoA consensus guarantees reliable security of all the operations on the DBX platform with the highest possible scalability. It becomes an additional guarantee of transfer reliability when executing smart contracts;

High transaction speed

We ensure high transaction and block creation speed in the network (a new block each second). Transactions on DBX Smart Network won’t make you wait for the first confirmation as long as Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains.