For users

Communication between tokens and fiat currencies

Thanks to payment gates and created cross-chain bridges, the DBX Digital Ecosystem platform allows fiat currencies operations and exchange of any crypto assets by market rates with low fees. Invest in more than 30 different crypto assets.

Transfers to the crypto banking

Do fast and safe transfers in cryptocurrency with no intermediaries or high bank fees. Get passive income from investments into liquidity pools, farming, staking, and NFT purchases at marketplaces in partnership with DBX Digital Ecosystem (PancakeSwap and others).

Easy card payments

Purchase goods and services with cryptocurrency payment cars you can order from us. The crypto wallet, connected to the DBX card will allow you to pay with cryptocurrency in the same way as fiat money (USD, EUR, TRY) with automatic conversion at a favorable rate.

Cashback in the partner network

Get partial refunds in the form of cashback for paying in the DBX Digital Ecosystem partner network. Participate in affiliate and privilege programs. The list of partners and the partner outlet network will be constantly expanding.

Withdraw cash in ATM 24/7 via DBX cards

Withdraw cash in a partnership ATN network at any convenient time with the DBX payment card. ATMs can be found in all cities with our offices: Istanbul, Hong Kong, Moscow, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore, Mumbai, Johannesburg, etc.

Use tokens of DBX Smart Network in any convenient wallet

Use your favorite wallet to store DBX and any other assets, tokenized on the DBX Smart network blockchain. For example, Metamask, Trust Wallet, DBX Mobile Wallet, or any other wallet. We’re not pushing it. The choice is yours.

Swaport for communication with other chains

Swap any assets between DBX Smart Network, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. For this purpose, we built a cross-chain bridge for you to trade DBX tokens in the max possible amount of trading pairs on different blockchains.

One of the fastest transactions on SMS, 1 block = 1 second

Transactions in the DBX Smart Network are almost instant. Every second a new block is created on the blockchain, that is why there will be no even minimal delays in crediting funds to your wallet.

Our benefits

Own blockchain

DBX Smart Network ensures high performance, better scalability, increased security of storing business assets, increased long-term capitalization, and communication with other blockchains;

Lowest fees

One of the lowest fees for transactions and smart contract creation among assets listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGeсko;

Cross-chain bridge

We implemented dast transfers of the DBX token and DBX-20 standard assets between three DBX<->ETH<->BSC> blockchains through the cross-chain bridge between DBX Smart Network, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain;

PoA consensus

Application of the PoA consensus guarantees reliable security of all the operations on the DBX platform with the highest possible scalability. It becomes an additional guarantee of transfer reliability when executing smart contracts;

High transaction speed

We ensure high transaction and block creation speed in the network (a new block each second). Transactions on DBX Smart Network won’t make you wait for the first confirmation as long as Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains.