Interactive roadmap of digital steps


  • Contract deployed on ERC-20

  • Listing Latoken

  • Crowdsale

  • Listing Whitebit

  • IEO Bitforex

  • Listing Probit

  • Listing Bitmart

  • Listing Coinsbit

  • Business registration: Turkey, Hong-Kong, Russia, Lithuania (crypto license)

  • Uniswap DBX add luquidity pool

  • Listing LBank


  • Contract deployed on BEP-20

  • Bridge between <BSC><DBX><ETH>

  • Launch DBX Smart Network

  • Launch Bang Application

  • Real Estate tokenize development

  • Launch of the business tokenization unit

  • “x from DBX” 18 currency stable tokens created on DBX Smart Network

  • Cash cards created for users DBX Digital Ecosystem in “Bang!”

  • A bridge between USDT (ETH) and USDC (BSC) stablecoins

  • Tokenization of internal ecosystem projects: Bang, DIBIX, Swaport

  • Launch of DEX on between coins on the DBX Smart Network blockchain

  • NFTization of platform users

  • Launch of an investment pool for startups and investors inside the DBX Digital Ecosystem


  • ATM Network in DBX Digital Ecosystem

  • Tokenize IT

  • The birth of the "Tothemoon..." metagame